In Summer
For Boy(KG - IV) For Girls(KG - VII)
Navy Blue Shorts and half Sleevs white shirts
School Monogram
Black shoes and Blue socks
School belt.
Navy Blue Skirt and half Sleeves white shirts
Black shoes and Blue socks
School belt.
School Monogram.
For Boy(V- XII) For Girls(VIII- XII)
Navy Blue Pant
Half-sleeves White shirt
black shoes and Blue socks.
White salwar
navy Blue kurtas, (short sleeves)
Black shoes and blue socks.
School belt.
White ribbon, hair band or clips for the hair.
In Winter
CLASS Boys and Girl: KG to XII
V-VII Navy Blue 'V' necked plain sweater with school monogram and Navy Blue blazer.
Note: Full sleeves shirt in winter.
CLASS Activity Days
Boys: I - IV White shorts, white shirt, white plain socks and white P.T. shoes.
V-XII White long pant with their respective monogrammed House shirts
Girls: I-IV White blouse and white knee length pleated skirts with white socks, white PT. shoes and white ribbons or hair bands.
V-VII Knee length pleated white skirt with monogrammed house shirt.
VIII-XII White salwar kurta with their respective house colour monogrammed jackets.
  • The school neck-ties, monogramms and badges to be worn by every pupil
  • Students wearing turbans must come with grey coloured turbans and no other colour will be allowed.
  • For P.T. students must wear white canvas shoes, white shirts and white pants/divided skirts.
  • Students who are dirty in dress, person or are without uniform will not be permitted to sit in the class.
  • If a pupil is obliged to come to school without the proper uniform, he should get a note of satisfactory explanation from his/her parents, otherwise he will not be admitted to class.