1. It is essential that an authentic Date of Birth Certificate of the candidate be produced as evidence of his/her age at the time of admission.

2. Every student of this school is expected to be courteous in talk and behaviour. Discourtesy of ant kind will not be tolerated.

3. The school has the right to suspend or dismiss the students on the grounds of indiscipline. Irregular attendance or habitual want of the application to one’s duty or unbecoming behaviour or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school or insubordination to authority or any other serious type of misconduct is sufficient reason for the suspension or dismissal of a student.

4. Any kind of damage done to the school property including ink stains and writing on the wall or the school furniture must be compensated at the expense of the offender along with a fine that may be imposed by the Principal.

5. No student shall be admitted to the school without the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended and duly counter-signed by the concerned education officer.

6. No student will be granted leave without prior written application of the parents/guardians. In all cases permission is the discretion of the Principal. Those who absent themselves for six consecutive days without the prior permission from the Principal are liable to have their names struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only after payment of fresh admission fee.

7. The Principal may demand parents to withdraw those children in case they do not fit in with the regulations of the school or are not capable of any improvement or if the parents themselves do not co-operate with the school.

8. Pupils should attend the school regularly. They must reach the school atleast five minutes before the assembly. Late comers may not be allowed to attend the sessions of the day.

No pupil shall leave the school premises during school hours or recess without the previous permission of the Principal.

Parents or guardians will not be allowed to visit their children during school hours.

9. Pupils are not allowed to interview parents or visitors or to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, throw paper or ink in and out the classroom or in any way to damage the school premises or property. Damage done will have to be compensated.

10. Pupils are themselves responsible for their own books,fountain pens, cycles, tiffin carriers or any other articles they may bring to school.

11. Students may have to stay back or come in the evening for sports practice and other activities whenever needed by the school.

12. The medium of our school is English, and as such every pupil is expected to speak English on the school campus. Everyone shall make a serious and determined effort to speak English both inside and outside the class.

13. Private tuitions are not encouraged. If however a parent desires to have personally and is ready to make arrangements, the concerned parent should meet the Principal instead.

14. Teachers are forbidden from engaging themselves in private tuition or arranging them on their own accord. They should get a written permission of the Principal for the same.

15. Absence on the opening and closing day of a term or after special holidays like Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc. will be punishable.