1. SMART CLASS : It is an innovative and unique solution that significantly enhances the teaching and learning experience.

  1. The School currently has 30 smart classes (rooms) powered by TATA CLASS EDGE.

  2. It provides 2D and 3D audio-visual classes from L.K.G to XII class.

  3. The concepts are explained using audio-visual animations that make even complicated concepts very easy to understand.

  4. Chapters and modules contain solved examples, experiments and activities that further enhance student’s knowledge.

  5. At the end of every module, teachers can test the students’ understanding through exercises and assessment.

2. COMPUTER LAB: The school has made a well equipped Computer Lab to provide computer education to students.

3. LIBRARY: We have a well arranged library with a complete collection of latest encyclopedia.

4. LABORATORY: The School maintains good laboratories where all possible arrangements are made for the teachers and students to conduct various experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Physics Lab:

Chemistry Lab:

Zee Brain Cafe: