1. Students should arrive at the School before the bell is rung, i.e., at least five minutes before the Assembly bell for the prayer.

2. At the sound of the first bell, students will proceed to the place of assembly. At the sound of the second bell, they will remain in their respective lines.

3. All have to attend the assembly. This includes the students, the teaching staff and the non-teaching staff.

4. Changing of classrooms in between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly way.

5. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during school hours without the expressed permission of the principal.

6. Punctuality and regularity in attendance, wearing of the school uniform, earnest and diligent efforts in the home work assigned and polite behaviour inside and outside the school premises are necessary for the formation of character and to create a suitable environment for learning. The school authorities, therefore, shall always insist on these points and expect the full cooperation of the parents and the students to achieve these goals.

7. It is highly desirable that leave applications reach the school before the classes begin. Every leave application must be signed by the parent or local guardian and recorded in the school diary of the student.

8. Every student is expected to have an identity card, signed by the principal, with the latest essential information about him/her.

9. Students must rejoin classes, after any holidays, on the re-opening day. Breach of this rule shall be considered a punishable offence. Moreover an absence of three continuous days from the day of reopening can result in the loss of his/her seat.

10. Students are required to produce a medical certificate from an M.B.B.S. doctor if they have absented themselves from school because of illness.

11. No late-comer shall be allowed to attend classes. She/He shall be asked to go home immediately at the risk of the parents/guardians.

12. Camera, mobile, transistor radio, books, periodicals, newspapers, comics or any l i terature that is of objectionable or distracting nature shall not be brought into the school premises. Also students are not permitted to bring any sharp instrument such as knife paper cutter etc. They will be confiscated and shrict action will be taken against them.

13. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their bicycles, books, umbrellas, rain coats, tiffin boxes or any other personal belongings.

14. Any damage done to the school building or furniture shall be compensated by the student(s) concerned. The decision of the school authorities regarding the compensation and fine to be paid shall be final.

15. Any damage done, even accidentally, whether in the laboratories or library should be at once reported and the damages shall be compensated by the students concerned.

16. Library books are to be returned to the librarian before the students leave the school or go on study leave. They will have to compensate any loss or damage done to the book.

17. Parents who visit the school during school hours, are to contact at reception zone for the help. They should not approach the class rooms and disturb the teaching.

The School authorities will strictly deal with all cases of indiscipline. Since discipline is the observance of good conduct by a student, breach of discipline, then, inter-alia includes the following :

(a) Irregularity in attendance, persistent negligence or indifference to the work assigned.

(b) Causing disturbance in a class or in the office or in the library or in any programme or function organised in the school or by the school.

(c) Disobeying the instructions of the teachers or any other authorities of the school.

(d) Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind at the time of curricular or extra-curricular activities.

(e) Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind at the examinations, or inter-school competitions, games etc.

(f) Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind towards a teacher or any employee of the school.

(g) Causing damage to the furniture or any property of the school or abet t ing others to perpet rate any unlawful act.

(h) Spreading misleading reports or rumours among the students.

(i) Loitering or loafing around on the School Campus.

(j) Using abusive language.

(k) Smoking, consuming drugs or alcoholic drinks.

(l) Attitude of non-seriousness towards studies and school programmes.

(m) Any other conduct or behaviour anywhere which is considered unbecoming of a student.